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International Students


To enhance your experience as a student, and to help you achieve your full potential both personally and professionally the University's Skills Portal provides information on the skills and behavioural attributes you might like to develop, and lists training and development opportunities available across the University together with links to useful resources outside the University.

Some undergraduates and doctoral research students participate in the Erasmus Exchange Programme. This programme supports students to undertake study or traineeships in European locations. If you are an undergraduate, your Faculty will inform you if your Tripos allows you to participate.

The Reporter is an online publication, appearing on Wednesday each week during Full Term. Whilst this is predominantly to record University business, it also announces some of the lectures, seminars and other events that are free.

Whether you need to improve your language skills to help with your research, or you want to brush up a little before a field trip or a holiday, the University's Language Centre has resources to help you.