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International Students


If you are a prospective undergraduate who has been invited to Cambridge to attend an interview, and you normally require a visa to enter the UK, you will need to apply as a Standard Visitor.

Your nationality determines whether you need to apply and obtain a visa before entering  the UK or whether you can be granted entry as a visitor on arrival at the port of entry from UK Border Control. You can check this on the Home Office website and should select 'Tourism' from the options provided as the purpose of coming to the UK.

To support your application you should submit your passport and the letter from your prospective College confirming the arrangements for your interview. You may also wish to produce the following documents in order to prove that you are a genuine visitor to the UK.

  • Financial documents to prove that you or a third party have sufficient funds to cover the costs of your trip to the UK (there is no set level of funds required for a visitor visa application). If you are relying on funds from a third party you may want to submit additional evidence to prove where the money has come from i.e wage slips, and provide documentation from the third party to confirm that you are allowed to use these funds to cover your trip to the UK.
  • Evidence that you have booked your flight out of the UK.
  • Evidence of personal ties to your home country.

A Home Office guide to supporting documents can be found here.

The Home Office provides further information about applying for a Standard Visitor Visa

Under 18

If you are under 18 years and travelling to the UK without an adult, then you also require:

  • consent from your parent/guardian for you to travel to the UK; and
  • evidence that suitable arrangements have been made for your travel and stay in the UK; and
  • evidence you or your parents have enough money for the visit to the UK, including for the return journey.
  • evidence of where you will stay whilst in the UK.

If you are under 18 years old and travelling with an adult, you must identify this adult when applying for your visa. The adult must be over the age of 18. The adult's name will appear on the visa. If you subsequently arrive in the UK without that adult, you will be refused entry. You can identify up to two adults, as long as your parent or guardian has given their consent (permission). Your visa is only valid if you travel with at least one of the adults identified on their visa.

The Home Office provides further information about applying for a Standard Visitor visa if you're under 18.