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International Students



There is a lot of support available to help you settle into your studies including from your College, Faculty / Department, the University's central services and Student Unions.

Your College and Faculty/Department predominantly provide the information and support you need to settle into your studies. Visit your College website to review the information prepared for new students and to see what is expected from you in the first few weeks.

From your College you might expect to receive:

  • Explanation of the system of pastoral support within Colleges.
  • Introduction to the facilities Colleges provide for learning support (e.g. computing facilities and libraries) and skills development.
  • Explanation of the arrangements for payment of fees and other bills.
  • Introduction to other new students, to senior members and to a network of current students in the College.
  • Introduction to College staff including in the tutorial office, Porters and the College Nurse.
  • Support to access facilities such as your University Card, the University Library, computing facilities, internet access rooms.

From your Faculty/Department you might expect to receive:

  • An overview of the support services available.
  • Introduction to academic staff, including for PhD students members of your supervisory team.
  • Information on how the course is organised, who to refer to in case of difficulty and the arrangements for student representation.
  • Introduction to the learning environment and the resources available.
  • Information on the academic and ethical conventions and requirements pertinent to the field of study and any compulsory training elements.
  • Information on the expectation of you, as a student, including assessments and finishing your studies on time.
  • Postgraduate students should be referred to the Code of Practice and your Course Handbook.

Cambridge University Students’ Union

The Cambridge University Students' Union represents students and provides dedicated services as well as having a seperate CUSU International (iCUSU) team.

The Students' Unions' Advice Service provides confidential, impartial and independant advice to all students. The Advice Service can help students on a whole range of issues, from making friends to exams, from intermission to bullying, and from welfare concerns to finance.

There are also over 700 registered student societies; of these more than 100 are internationally focused and 30 are faith based.

University support services

In addition to all the support you receive through the collegiate structure, as a student you can seek more specialist support at the University through: