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International Students


Colleges generally accommodate all undergraduates and are able to house many postgraduate students.

If you are not taking College accommodation, the University has an Accommodation Service to help you find a suitable place to live. This service offers information and support in finding accommodation, whether on long, medium or short-term periods. They can assist with two types of properties:

  • University-owned or managed accommodation which is located thoughout the city. They are available for a minimum period of one year and can be booked prior to arriving in Cambridge.
  • Private accommodation which is located throughout the city and the surrounding villages.

The Accommodation Service also list providers of temporary accommodation, such as Bed and Breakfasts, guesthouses and serviced apartments.


Full-time students are required to live in Cambridge in order to obtain a degree. If you are not in College accommodation the University rules state that you must live within a certain distance of the centre of Cambridge and be in residence for a minimum number of nights per term and engage with your studies for a minimum period.