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International Students


If you are a registered student currently sponsored under Tier 4/Student visa and need more time to complete the PhD examination process or have had an extension to your submission deadline approved, you would normally be eligible to apply for a new student visa. We advise you to contact the International Student Office 3 - 4 months before your current visa expires if you believe you will need more time in the UK. You may also be eligible if you previously had a Tier 4/Student visa but are outside the UK or if your current visa is in another category.

Student visa

The usual route is to extend your permission to stay in the UK on a student visa.

ATAS clearance

If you are undertaking a course that is subject to ATAS clearance, you will require a new ATAS certificate before a CAS can be issued - this is required for any new visa application. The FCO advises that the process takes about 20 - 30 working days. Your Faculty/Department or Supervisor must provide a new ATAS research statement using an ATAS form. On receipt of this form, you should complete your online application with the FCO. Your CAS will be issued after you have obtained a new ATAS certificate. Nationals from the EEA and Switzerland and the following countries are exempt from an ATAS requirement: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Japan, South Korea.

Applying for a student visa extension inside the UK

If at the time of applying you have a valid Tier 4/Student visa, you will be able to extend your permission to stay from inside the UK. You will need to take the following into consideration:

  • The earliest you can apply is 3 months prior to your current visa expiring.
  • You will require a new CAS from the International Student Office.
  • After making your application, you will not be able to travel overseas outside the Common Travel Area (UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) until you have received your new BRP.
  • The advertised decision timeframe for a student visa application in the UK using the standard service is 8 weeks. Priority and Super Priority services are available at additional cost. Once a decision has been made, your BRP can take up to 10 days to be delivered.
  • You will need to provide the International Student Office with proof of application if your new visa is not granted before your current permission expires.

You are advised to read our detailed guidance on applying for Permission to Stay which outlines the procedures, requirements and application costs.

Applying for a student visa from overseas

You will need to manage your absence from Cambridge appropriately and discuss your travel plans with the International Student Office as your return travel dates and the dates in your CAS will determine the period of validity of your temporary entry vignette, issued to enable you to return to the UK on a student visa. When you return to Cambridge you will need to collect your BRP.

You are advised to read our detailed guidance on applying for Entry Clearance, which outlines the procedures, requirements and application costs. You will note the specific requirements for evidence of funds.

Switching into student visa

If you were granted permission to start your studies on an alternative visa but need to switch to a student visa to complete your studies, please contact the International Student Office for further guidance and advice.

Switching to a different visa

If you switch from Tier 4/Student visa into a different immigration category while you are a registered student, you must inform the International Student Office and also present these documents to your College for scanning straight away. See 'Changes in circumstances' for more details about this and other changes that might require action on your part.

Need more time but completing overseas?

It is not necessary to extend your student visa if you will be completing the requirements of your PhD overseas - for instance, corrections - but you need to obtain formal permission from the University of Cambridge to be away, normally by applying for Leave to Work Away or sometimes by being removed from the register. Not only is this a University requirement, it also ensures your record accurately reflects the reason why you did not hold a valid study visa for a given time.

If you need to return to the UK before graduation, you must contact us for advice on the correct immigration route.

Need more time but not a PhD student?

If you are on another programme, it may be possible for the University to be able to support you in obtaining a new visa to complete your course - for instance, following a period of intermission - but it is unlikely that you would be able to apply for such a visa from inside the UK. You should contact the International Student Office as soon as you become aware that you might need more time.