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Prior to arrival 

  • Check your immigration document and contact the International Student Office if you think it contains any errors.
  • Keep your passport safe. Take copies of your passport and other paperwork before travelling and keep secure in a different place to your passport.
  • Inform your College if your arrival in Cambridge will be delayed.
  • Ensure you travel to the UK within the validity of your student visa to activate your immigration permission as a student.
  • Check the information on the Government website about entering the UK.

On arrival

The UK Border Force has produced a '10 Top Tips' information leaflet providing guidance on getting through the UK border controls as efficiently as possible.

Nationals of the following countries may be able to use the eGates on arrival in the UK if they are open: EEA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the USA. As long as you enter the UK through the eGates on or after the start date of your student visa, you will be admitted on your student visa. As your passport will not be stamped by a Border Force officer, you will be required to provide your College with evidence of your date of entry (e.g boarding pass) in addition evidence of your student visa. Students of all other nationalities should have their entry vignette stamped by Border Force on arrival. 

On arrival in Cambridge

  • Collect your BRP if you have been issued an entry vignette in your passport.
  • Provide your passport and immigration documents to your College Tutorial Office. They will send you instructions on how to do this.
  • Ensure your UK contact details are up to date on your record in your self-service.