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International Students


The length of your Tier 4 visa depends on the length of your course, as stated in your CAS. The Home Office varies this leave if you are government sponsored and then limits your stay in the UK to meet your sponsor's requirements. Please see the table below to determine how much leave the Home Office grant for your course.

Course length Additional months granted at end of course
12 months or longer 4 months after course end date
6 months - 12 months 2 months after course end date
Pre-sessional course 1 month after course end date
Courses less than six months e.g. medical elective 7 days after course end date

The Home Office determines the length from the course start and end dates provided in your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). The end date is when the University expects you to have completed all required elements of the course. It does not include congregation dates.

The Home Office expects you to leave the UK before your visa expires, unless you have applied to extend your stay or to switch into another immigration category.

If you complete your course on time (i.e. according to the course end date in your CAS) the University remains responsible for you until you leave the UK, switch to another visa category or move to another Tier 4 Sponsor. During your additional leave granted at the end of your course, the Home Office allows you to work full-time within certain limits. If you start employment on your existing or new visa please advise your College of your employer's details and the visa held to work.

However, if you complete your course early (that is you complete earlier than the course end date stated in your CAS) do not assume you can remain in the UK until the date of expiry of your visa. The Home Office requires the University to inform them of every student who completes their course earlier than expected. The Home Office normally limits your permission to the normal wrap-up period of leave. This means that if you have completed your course more than 12 months after the course start date entered on your original CAS, you will receive a curtailment period of 4 months. If you have completed your course in under 12 months, you will receive a curtailment period of two months.

The Home Office advise that if you leave the UK after early completion of studies, or are already outside the UK, your leave to enter or remain will lapse under Article 13(3) of the Immigration (Leave to Enter and Remain) Order 2000 and you may require a visa to enter the UK. Please contact the International Student Team if you have any queries about this.

If you wish to remain in the UK after your visa expires, we have summarised the possible visa options on visas after studying.