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The information below is for those applicants who will be undertaking the Academic Development and Training for International Students programme in 2016. Please note the programme was formerly known as EAP.

  • The earliest date that you can submit a visa application is 9 May 2016 (three months before the pre-sessional course starts).
  • We recommend that overseas applicants try to meet all of the conditions of their offer as early as possible so that we are able to issue one CAS for both the ADTIS pre-sessional course and main course of study.
  • If you believe that you cannot meet your conditions early enough to obtain your visa and arrive in time for the ADTIS pre-sessional course then it may be possible, in exceptional circumstances, for us to issue you one CAS for the ADTIS pre-sessional programme (an ‘ADTIS-Only CAS’), and then later, once you have met ALL the conditions of your offer, for us to issue you with another CAS for the main course of study. In most cases it is best to wait until you have met all of the conditions of your offer in order to obtain a joint CAS, as there are several risks associated with having two separate CAS. In certain countries, priority visa services are available for an additional fee - please check your visa application centre to see if this service is on offer.

Risks Involved with having Two Separate CAS:

  • Additional expense of two visa applications. It might be cheaper to use the priority service, if available in your country.
  • Inconvenience of second Tier 4 application (new documents needed, different application form if applying within the UK, disruption to pre-sessional course, delays faced if applying by post and not being able to travel).
  • Risk of refusal of second application (i.e. insecurity of starting main course while still awaiting visa decision; a refusal could mean leaving the UK to reapply and this would impact on the main course of study).
  • If you ultimately do not meet all of the conditions of your offer of admission, then you would have obtained a visa, travelled to the UK, paid for and attended the pre-sessional course unnecessarily.
  • If you have previously studied in the UK on a Tier 4 or Student visa then the Home Office may not consider your new visa application if you are progressing on to a course at a lower level than your previous course of study. For this reason it is possible that we may not be able to issue a pre-sessional only CAS at all.

If you do not contact us then we will automatically issue you with one joint CAS for the ADTIS and main course of study after you have met all of the conditions of your offer, and after your admission has been confirmed.