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International Students


There are a number of measures in place when travelling to the UK to help against the spread of coronavirus. The steps you will need to take for travel and arrival depends on which country you are travelling to the UK from, and whether you have been in any other country in the 10 days prior to arrival.

Currently the UK has categorised countries into three groups using a traffic light system of Red, Amber and Green, with different requirements for each.

Check how the country you are travelling from is categorised on the government website. The requirements will depend on where you have been in the 10 days prior to arrival in the UK.

It is important to read the government guidance in full but we provide an overview of the requirements for travel and arrival to the UK on these pages:

Red list country information

Amber list country information

Green list country information

Requirements are subject to change to it is important you check the most up to date information close to the time you will be travelling to the UK.

From 4am on 4 October 2021 the rules are changing. If you will arrive in England after this date, please check the information on the government website.