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International Students


If you are a 'qualified person' (a worker, student, self-employed, self-sufficient or looking for work) who would like a document to prove your right to live in the UK as a citizen of the EEA or Switzerland and have been here for less than 5 years, you may consider applying for a registration certificate. If you have been in the UK for 5 years or more, please read the information on applying for permanent residency Neither document is mandatory but it may be useful when proving your right to work in the UK.

This page provides information on how to apply for a registration certificate on the basis of being a student in the UK.

How to apply

There are two ways to apply:

  • Online- this is not suitable if you are applying as a student or self-sufficient person and are either reliant on a family member for financial support or are financially responsible for other family members
  • Paper form EEA(QP)

Both application forms and guidance on applying can be found on the Home Office website

How much does it cost?

Either option costs £65

Supporting documents

In order to prove your status in the UK you will need to submit various supporting documents. If you are applying as a student you will need to submit:

  • Two passport photographs with your name written on the back
  • A valid passport or national I.D card
  • Evidence of your enrolment on a course: this should be in the form of a letter from the University which confirms your course title, start and end date, whether you are studying full or part-time and the level of qualification the course leads to.
  • Proof of your financial resources: this could include bank statements, evidence of a bursary or student loan, or, if another person is supporting you financially, their financial evidence plus a signed letter from them confirming they are willing to support you and the duration that they will do so.
  • Proof of comprehensive sickness insurance in the form of one of the following: a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by an EEA Member State other than the UK together with a statement from you confirming that you do not intend to live in the UK permanently, private medical insurance which covers the majority of risks whilst you are in the UK or form S1, S2 or S3.

Further information

Please refer to the Home Office website or UKCISA for further advice