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International Students


Your responsibilities

We are pleased to sponsor you as a student, under Tier 4. Together, we need to ensure we comply with the UK government's Tier 4 rules. This is critical, because if we fail to comply, the Home Office (UKBA) may revoke your visa and downgrade or remove our sponsor licence, thus preventing us from sponsoring students.

Your Tier 4 Licence responsibilities

To ensure the University fulfils its' Tier 4 obligations,  you must:

  • Enrol on your course according to the dates provided in your CAS;
  • Before studying, show your passport and Tier 4 visa to your College;
  • Continually engage in your studies;
  • Keep your contact details up to date (using CamSIS);
  • Keep your termly registration with your College;
  • Complete your course according to the date provided in your CAS (unless the University approves your application to extend your studies and this is permissible within the immigration rules);
  • Inform your College of any changes (e.g. switching out of Tier 4, periods outside of Cambridge, any intended breaks in study, leaving your studies)

Your Tier 4 conditions

To ensure you meet other conditions placed on you under Tier 4 (but are outside of the University's legal obligations), you must:

  • Register with the police (which is required of certain nationalities and should be stated on your vignette or BRP
  • Only work within the conditions set by the Home Office (UKBA) (noting that the University imposes greater restrictions)
  • E-mail if the University allows you to move to a shorter course (meaning the course end date is sooner than the course end date in your CAS)
  • Not attempt to draw certain welfare and local authority housing benefits (know as 'public funds')
  • Ensure that you are able to evidence that funds continue to be available to you to maintain and accommodate yourself.  This is because in your Tier 4 application you declared you had sufficient funds to cover living costs for (probably) nine months.  If the Home Office has concerns about your funds it can conduct further checks.
  • Seek legal advice from an immigration specialist if you are in trouble with the police as applications for entry clearance or further leave to remain in the UK can be refused because of a person's criminal history
  • Inform the Home Office (UKBA) if your circumstances change including:
    • changes to your personal details
    • criminal convictions not previously provided to the Home Office
    • changes in contact details
    • changes in your family's details
  • Apply and pay for a new BRP if your personal details change (name, nationality, gender, date of birth, significant changes to your facial appearance) or you lose your card

Keeping to the dates on your visa

If you stay beyond your visa expiry date, then this is a criminal offence.  The University, will not allow you to continue to study if you overstay and will only allow you to resume your studies when the Home Office (UKBA) gives you permission to study here.

If you overstay for more than 28 days you will not be allowed to apply for further leave to remain from within the UK. If you overstay by more than 90 days you will be barred from coming back to the UK for at least 12 months.

Other things to consider

  • Keep copies of your personal documents, including passport, vignette or BRP and police registration certificate and any correspondence with the Home Office.
  • Keep the Home Office informed of your address, otherwise the Home Office records your permanent contact address as the one you gave in your Tier 4 application.  You can report this change online.
  • Choose to receive postal bank statements, especially if you will need to make further applications to remain in the UK, as you will need paper evidence in your application
  • The implications if your change course with us, or wish to change to another University

The 'Summary of your responsibilities under Tier 4' describes in more detail what you and the University must do, and within what time period, to ensure compliance. You will have received this document when we issued your CAS, and in subsequent email correspondence. This document details what you must do before arriving, on arrival, during your studies and when completing your studies. It also explains that should the Home Office audit the University (which it can do at any time without notice) you may be required to participate.

The checklist prompts you on what you need to do to ensure that you keep your Tier 4 visa in order.