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International Students


Extending your Tier 4 visa

If you are a registered student, and the University has granted you more time to complete your studies, then you can apply to extend your Tier 4 visa. You can make the application from within the UK as long as you apply before your existing visa expires. We recommend that if you do need to extend your visa you contact the International Student Team a few months before your current visa expires.

You should follow the process for a Tier 4 application for further leave to remain in the UK taking the following into consideration:

  • You will require a new CAS that you should request from the International Student Team
  • If you are undertaking a course that is subject to ATAS clearance, you will require a new ATAS certificate before making your visa application. You therefore need to consider the ATAS processing time in preparing your new visa application. The FCO advises that the process takes about 20 days. When you email the International Student Team to request your CAS, we will confirm whether you require ATAS. Your supervisor must issue the International Student Team with a new ATAS statement, which we will transpose into a pdf document and e-mail to you. On receipt, you should complete your online application with the FCO.
  • You need to consider time limits on study.
  • Whilst your application is being considered, you will be without your passport and so you must not plan any travel. The Home Office advises that the process normally takes up to 8 weeks if you decide on a post your supporting documents following your online application.
  • If you are required to hold a Police Registration Certificate, make sure you have this as you must include in your application
  • Can you demonstrate funds to meet any remaining course fees and living costs in line with the specific Tier 4 requirements? If you are extending your permission for continued study on a single course whilst your visa is valid, and you have completed at least six months of your course, you are only required to demonstrate two months of living costs as you meet the requirements for 'established presence'. This is also the case if you are applying for the Doctorate Extension Scheme.
  • Have you obtained any criminal convictions (including traffic offences) since your last application? If so you must declare on your visa application.

Switching into Tier 4

If you were granted permission to start your studies on an alternative visa but need to switch to Tier 4 to complete your studies, please contact the International Student Team for further guidance and advice.