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What are my chances of being endorsed under this scheme?

It is a competitive application process and the strength of the business proposal is the key criterion for selection.

Can I be endorsed if I wish to set up a business with partner or team?

The proposed business can be a partnership, whether other members of the team require endorsement or not. Endorsement under the scheme is granted on an individual basis. This means that as well as meeting the eligibility requirements, your application will be assessed on its individual merits and an assessment of your role within the business. You will need to have been central to the creation of the business idea and demonstrate how you will play a key role in its development.

How likely is it that I could get an extension to my Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa for a second year?

The decision by the University to endorse a student for a second year is dependent on making satisfactory progress with the business in the first year. This assessment will be made by your designated University contact, who you will have met with during your first year, in liaison with the International Student Team and, where necessary, the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur selection panel. Since the inception of the scheme, the vast majority of those who have been endorsed by the University for the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa have received endorsement for continuation into a second year.

Am I able to submit an application to be considered outside of the set interview dates?

Only in exceptional circumstances would the University be able to interview outside of the published interview dates. If you would like to request consideration for this, email the International Student Team at outlining the exceptional circumstances.

Can I be endorsed to develop an existing business?

The scheme supports graduates in developing a business idea. It is therefore expected that the business itself will be in the very early stages of development. Tier 4 students should also be aware that self-employment is not permitted on a student visa so you can only start work on the business once you have submitted an application for Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur. 

If I am unsuccessful, can I apply again?

A second application can only be considered if the business idea is different to that outlined in the first application or the idea has developed significantly since your interview.