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Once accepted as a visiting student, the University provides a letter of support to those from outside the EEA who will be visiting Cambridge for less than six months in order to undertake study or conduct research as part of a course overseas. Please note, this is different to the acceptance letter you may receive from your supervisor or Department at Cambridge

A short-term study visa application can be supported by the University if you have been accepted on a short course of study at the University or if you have been accepted as a visiting research student. You will be issued with a letter for this purpose. A short-term study letter can only be provided to those undertaking research if your home University can confirm that this research is part of, or relevant to, your course overseas.

Please note, the standard visitor visa does not permit study, including for those undertaking research as part of a course overseas.

The short-term study visa does not allow the holder to take paid or unpaid work, this includes work placements or internships even when they are part of a course overseas.